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Pain Management

Chronic Pain Services (Adult Services) - Nova Scotia Health Authority

Chronic pain services helps individuals reduce pain and improve their health, function and well-being. The chronic pain team provides assessments, treatments and education to people with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Self Management Program - Nova Scotia Health Authority

The Pain Self-Management Program (PSMP) can help anyone who is ready to take an active part in learning strategies to improve their quality of life and learn non-medicinal ways of managing long-term pain.

Your Way to Wellness

Your Way to Wellness is a free chronic disease self management program that helps people with chronic conditions (and their caregivers) overcome daily challenges, take action and live a healthy life.  Groups meet weekly for two and half hours for six weeks and are led by trained volunteers, most of whom have chronic conditions themselves. Family and friends are welcome to attend as well.

Pediatric Pain Management Program at the IWK Health Centre

The Pediatric Pain Management Program works in collaboration with pediatricians, surgeons, and family doctors to manage children’s pain after surgery or injury, and pain caused by cancer, infections, arthritis, or other illnesses. We also help children with complex or chronic pain, which is pain that continues even after an injury has healed or when there is no obvious disease. 

It Doesn't Have to Hurt Proven Pain Control for Children


An initiative led by the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research.  Explore various pain management resources. You can search by type of resource (e.g., blog posts, videos, images) and by category (e.g., needle pain, pain assessment, cancer pain).

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